Scott Buchheit Hosts GMHC's White Xmas Party!

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · December 22, 2008

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    Scott was thrilled to be asked to be one of the hosts for GMHC's White Christmas Party/Benefit this past Saturday.  GMHC is the world's oldest organization set up in the fight against AIDS.   It is not-for-profit, volunteer-supported and community-based.  The party was thrown by the host with the most Mr. Patrick Duffy.  It featured performances by Jasper James and  living legend, Debbie Harry-aka Blondie.  Dress code was white, which means of course, Debbie came in all black, in a see-through top with a red bra on!  I was accompanied by my favorite Olympian Tim Morehouse to the pre-press event at the Chinatown speakeasy Apotheke.

    More story and photos below:

    We literally walked by it three times before we found it.  Once inside we were treated to be-dazzled bottle of Moet & Chandon emblazoned with the GMHC logo and then when it was time to hit the main event were provided rides in style by Classic Cars.  We were taken over in a Bentley along with Cator Sparks, while others were shuttled in Maseratis and Ferraris.

    We hit the red carpet and then headed for the  SkYY vodka sponsored VIP room.  Interestingly there was no a bartender, just a bar set up with bottle upon bottle of SKYY in every flavor imaginable. We were joined by World's Greatest Bartender Pedro Andrade,  Interview's Susan Kilkenny, Kevin Crawford, Kenny Kenny, Lady Bunny, Carrie Baker, Marie La France, Jason Rogers, and Olympic synchronized swimmers, Andrea Nott and Bronze Medalist Lauren McFall.  I also met Suede from Project Runway.  Scott doesn't like people who refer to themselves in the third person, but he found Suede to be so cute and charming that he over looked it.  A great time was had by all and lots of money was made for a good cause.  What more could you ask for in this holiday season?