Baudelaire, Bikini Babes And Bulldogs: GofG Does Shelter Island's Sunset Beach

by KATHERINE KAPNICK · June 1, 2010

    Go HERE for more photos from Sunset Beach, Memorial Day Weekend, 2010

    After an eventful first night at the Sunset Lane residence, Team GofG spent the better part of Sunday morning slumbering our way to renewal. We roused around eleven and spent a couple of hours by the pool with our posse (the living really is rough down here), before heading out into the Hamptons world in search of adventures profound.

    These we found in the form of the Sunset Beach Hotel, Andre Balazs' delightfully-Euro Shelter Island hotspot. Here we watched fashionable blondes down Patron on the rocks under an ironic Baudelaire quote, scrawled on a blackboard above the door.

    On the back deck we found three stunning ladies in bikinis and five-inch heels engaged in an intense match of ping-pong doubles with one lucky dude. Silver bikini had a serious serve:

    After the game we headed inside where we met an adorable French Bulldog, who was waiting patiently to be seated—which is more than can be said for most Sunset patrons:

    On a yacht anchored just offshore out front, a promising party was taking shape...

    ....but, alas, it was time for these little girls to hop back into our vintage red Jag and ferry on home to our place. Actually that’s a lie; the keys to that gorgeous ride are not ours to cherish. My how that baby sparkled.

    More photos from our afternoon adventure at Sunset Beach below....