Don't Speed On New York

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 19, 2008

    shelter island yacht club [Shelter Island Yacht Club]

    On my way to the Shelter Island Yacht Club, where I would prepare for Round Two in the 505, I got pulled over.  I had no idea I was speeding, nor that the speed limit was 25.  I haven't been pulled over since college, and have to tell you that it felt adequately as painful.  I was in my swimsuit, no liscense and not in my own car.  I have a summons on the 25th....Later on, I heard from some locals at the club that New York Street (the street I was on) is notorious for speed traps. Perfect. Now, not only am I a gas-guzzling SUV driver, I'm a speeder to boot, and I'm willing to take any comments you feel are needed to put me in my place.