Stone Meadow Farm Plays Host All Summer

by Rachelle Hruska · August 29, 2008

    red cross

    [Stone Meadow Farm, East Hampton. Photo via Rob Rich]


    Last Saturday, Aug. 23, we headed to Stone Meadow Farm in East Hampton (the place where Mariah Carey recently got married) to celebrate the 125th birthday of the American Red Cross. On the way in, I was greeted by Rob Rich, and so, we finally meet in person! I also walked in at the same time as my friend Heinz Haas, the tennis pro/teacher who has some BIG things coming up. Russell Simmons, was there, (his jewelry line was one of the evening’s sponsors) as was George Gurley who was interviewing guests on thier favorite moments of the summer. Russell said it was the summer of:

    "Barack Obama, as well as yoga, the environment, PETA, the Humane Society and fund-raisers (his July 19 Art for Life event raised $1.7 million)." [The Observer]

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