Suit Up For The Season!

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 20, 2009

    From: [Photo via Ben Watts] Whether you'll just be lounging by the pool at the Maidstone Club, or re-gaining your balance on a surfboard in Montauk, before you head out East this weekend, it's probably in every girl's best interest to stock up on at least one new suit. So whether you're a lay-or-play type of lady, here's a hand-picked selection of suits - with a selection of prices - perfect for the Hamptons bound...

    Calypso's citrus colored bikini is just the thing to make us forget it's been raining too much the past few weeks in New York. The fun fish and coral print and beaded detailing on the top makes it very Calypso. We're big fans of the store, and we recommend you jump on the bandwagon this summer too, if you haven't already. As you can see here, the store has 6 locations in the Hamptons.

    We can't think of a better way to look like Blair Waldorf in the Hamptons than in this Tracy Feith for Target suit. The best part, besides the bow detailing obviously, is the very un-Waldorf price-tag; You can scoop both these pieces up for $33.98. If you have a Tracy Feith sighting next time you're at Surf Lodge, make sure to tell him thanks for this one.

    For some people (New Yorkers especially), "casual" is not a word that ever enters their wardrobes. This Missoni is sure to get you noticed, fill the designer quota, and it's two suits for the price of one- the thing is reversible. We're not quite sure it makes up for the $440 price-tag but considering many high designer suits can't even get wet, we'll take it.

    There's something pretty adorable about ruffles done right. Done wrong, they're childish, but done right, they are sweet and girly, and in the case of this bandeau bikini with a bright floral print, pretty damn sexy. It's not a surprise find though; Blue & Cream, located in East Hampton (and here), always seems to hit us with something unexpected.

    If you're a fan of anything one-strapped this year, than you should think of adding this bamboo-zled suit to your collection. Added benefit: The coral color accentuates a tan on anyone.

    It may be a little Hamptons cliche but we just have to say it: A seersucker swimsuit. But we wanted to mix things up a little and throw-in one with a twist. Luckily, J.Crew did one with a flounce around the top and the bottom in three different colors. We're digging the yellow. But traditionalists, never fear! They are still making the original we hear. And for $66, you can stock a bunch.

    Nothing's more glam than a white swimsuit with a good tan - except maybe for this white Michael Kors suit, paired with the perfect hat, and huge sunglasses in the Hamptons. ($175)

    Ralph Lauren is to the Hamptons as traffic is to the Jitney on a Friday afternoon - they go hand in hand. So we knew before even perusing Ralph's selections of swimwear for this summer he'd have something perfect to offer the Hamptons 09 crowd, like this nautical halter bikini with an over sized anchor. We can't wait to see the selections in his East Hampton store ($136)

    No matter how much (or how little) I used to spend on a bathing suit, my father would always say it was ridiculous considering all I was getting in return were two triangles, some strings, and the equivalence of a pair of underwear. But in the Hamptons, where your swimsuit often turns from beachwear into partygear, and your first resort into your last faster than you can say "Where'd I leave my sunglasses?", these can be very important purchases.

    And don't fret boys! We didn't forget about you. Check back soon for a similar posting.