Hip Photographer Ben Watts Gets Hipstamatic App

by Chelsea Burcz · May 20, 2011

    We are all too familiar with those unprofessional cell phone pics- those overexposed, blurry messes of "photography." Go from amateur to pro photog this summer with the nifty "Big Up" Bondi Hipstapak backed by the one and only Ben Watts!

    Watts, a party, street, celebrity and editorial photographer extraordinaire (and brother of super cool actress Naomi Watts), has teamed up with the fun photo guys at Hipstamatic with the "Big Up" Bondi HipstaPak. Perfect for summer fun photography, this new lens pops your colors to the extreme, using super soaked saturation and neon color (a Watt's signature). The lopsided framing makes it extra fun, in a true Hipstamatic/Watts fashion.

    The Hipstamatic update also includes some familiar features that make sharing photos easy, such as Twitter/Facebook sharing, pinch-to-enlarge viewfinder with tap-anywhere photo shooting while zoomed, push notifications about cool contests, and ordering prints of your photos online! You can download all this on the iTunes through Hipstamatic.

    Raised in Australia, Watts has been a staple in the urban photography world. Fascinated by hip-hop culture and youth, his dynamic photos represent both famous fashion models and the rough streets of the city. Check out his really awesome Tumblr and like his updates on Facebook.

    Who knows, maybe you too will soon be photographing the gorgeous people at the Shark Attack Sounds party this summer.

    Shhh.... We just can't keep quiet about how cool these photos look!