Summer Time Subtleties

by MIKEL MCCOY · May 28, 2008

     Well we've passed through the gateway to summer. Memorial Day 2008 exists only in the memory of our minds, and history books. Its time to begin the summered out posts. I guess you may be expecting an Oper8tor's guide to the Summer, but honestly, I'm still trying to figure that out, and right now my only summer plans involve writing, lots and lots of shit talking and making as many new lady summertime friends as possible. What I can impart to the GOFG readers are things to expect from the summer. Sure the heat, the humidity and the fun are obvious, but it's the subtle quirks that make the summer everyone's favorite season.

    1. Attraction Levels

    Whoever it is you're into straight, gay, a bit in-between becomes 10fold in the summer. The tanner skin, the skimpier outfits, the ancient instinct to mate in the warmth all gets added up and squeezed into the subway, the park, offices, bars, the street and just makes the already willing that much more out of control.

    2. Social Scene

    If you were like me, then over the past week things really just kind of took off in your social world. You met about a million new people with good ideas and went to like a thousand bbqs on random rooftops…well that's going to keep happening. Everyone's knows NY sleeps in the winter, but once the thaw is complete it's on and it don't stop.

    3. Classic Rock Not sure how it works, but my senses modify in the summer. Smells are a bit more intense, the light looks bit different and for some reason things like Pink Floyd and Steely Dan just make more sense to me. Forcing me to send random text messages of lyrics to friends and a desire to drink scotch whiskey all night long. Well that's my forecast for some of the little parts that make Summer so special, cause when it's not obvious…it's just better.