Eavesdropping In: Mary-Kate And Kanye Sitting In A Tree, Mavericks Beat Heat, Weiner's Ex Winces, And Will.i.am Uses Cell Phone To Sing

by Chelsea Burcz · June 10, 2011

    Wednesday was Kanye West's 34th birthday, and the rapper was allegedly spotted at Submercer Nightclub in NYC hooking up with none other than Mary-Kate Olsen. Ashley with Justin Timberlake, and now this? [Perez]

    Real Housewives of New York City's Cindy Barshop is being sued by a former African American employee, who says she was paid half as much as she was supposed to and treated poorly due to the color of her skin at Barhsop's "Completely Bare" spa. [NYPost]

    The Mavericks beat the Miami Heat 112-103! The finals were previously 2-2, and now the Mavericks have taken the lead. In 26 previous finals that were tied at 2-2, the Game 5 winner has claimed the title on 19 occasions. [NYTimes]

    Kirsten Powers, a Democratic correspondent for Fox News (weird, right?) used to date Anthony Weiner. She this explains in a column entitled "Anthony Weiner's Ex: He Lied to Me" - and winces if you call her "Weiner's ex-girlfriend." [Gawker]

    Will.i.am forgets his own lyrics, and instead of doing a jig like Ashley Simpson or something creative, he stood and read them off of a cellphone. I bet the French audience really appreciated that. [Gawker]

    Ping pong is helping elderly patients with Alzheimer's gain back "little joys," as well as coordination and alertness. [LATimes]