Eavesdropping In: Waiting On Southfork, Eating The Hamptons, And Partying Like Billionaires

by guestofaguest · August 11, 2010

    Sometimes you just need to let things happen when they happen...like the opening of the long-awaited Southfork Kitchen [Curbed]

    If you eat dinner at The House That Ate The Hamptons, does that mean you indirectly ate the Hamptons, too? [WSJ]

    Hey, Billionaires need to party too! Steve Rahr hosted a guest list worth $47 Billion at his Hamptons estate last Saturday [Forbes]

    Do you like Tacos? Do you like Pool Parties? Then the East End version of Taco Tuesdays...held every Saturday for the rest of the summer (?)...is right for you! [Fashionista]