The Harriman Cup 2007

by guestofaguest · September 21, 2007

    harriman cup

    Saturday is the Harriman Cup in Darien, CT. This event celebrates 22 years of polo tradition between the University of Virginia and Yale University. We attended the event last year however, and know that what it really celebrates is just how well embroidered khakis, CASHmere, and cocktails mix. If you are going to go, take the train…it’s where you will meet the people that will be having the most fun throughout the day (aka the drinkers). Find a good crew to mooch cheese and wine off of and get your prepster on! (we know you want to). If you want to fit in, make sure you hit up your local Lily Pulitzer and Ralph Lauren departments, and Brooks Brothers, and J.Crew stores. Also, feel free to bring the little tykes around, even young adults trust fund babies love playing ball with kids after a few drinks. So polish off your riding boots and make sure to bring sufficient reinforcements…because this WASPy crowd gets better by the bottle.