The Undergrad's Friday Night Itinerary

by CLAIRE WILLETT · March 2, 2008

    pianos [Pianos]

    While the Oper8tor whiled away his pm hours consorting with rainbow-spandexed flowers at Hugs this Friday, I headed over to Mama's Bar before happy hour's end. I heard their ginger-infused vodka's good enough to drink straight --all the better for some guilt-free shot-soaking meatloaf indulgence from Mama's Food Shop next door. Hydration and nutrition taken care of, I braved the cramped confines of Piano's concert room for the States' educated indie rock. And after? We let the wind blow us back to our place for some calming Swiss Miss and Peppermint Schnapps. Complimentary stockpiled candy canes for all who find our buzzer. Muchos besos and hope you enjoyed the woefully frigid weekend as best you could (tomorrow brings back the fifties!), The Undergrad

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