And After The (Art) Show It's The After Party... With TBD & Cristina Civetta At Nello Summertimes

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 27, 2009

    [Cristina Civetta, Francesco Civetta, Hedi Frejani and friends. Pictures via SBE Photography] We knew we weren't the first to notice Southampton pop-up shop TBD, who sells everything from Rag & Bone to coffee table books, but apparently we are definitely not the last either, as it seems the store is becoming a hot spot for partying on weekends as well. Patrons and event-goers enjoyed themselves two weekends ago at Ryder Robison's exhibition, and it seemed the TBD boys, Peter Hananel and Jesse Warren, wanted to do it again, this time with the help of Cristina Civetta of the famous Ceva Nights, with an after-party to boot. After an art show in their store made up of a multitude of artists, including Cristina's brother and well-known DJ Francesco Civetta (you've probably caught him at either Surf Lodge on Sundays, or the Barracuda Bar, amongst other places), the store emptied out and headed over to Nello Summertime for the after party where guests continued into the night with even more music and drink specials. Besides the TBD boys and the Civettas, featured artist Hedi Ferjani, Sabrina Chapman and Steven Ekerovich were all in attendance amongst the very artsy crowd.

    Francesco Civetta, Cristina Civetta

    Jesse Warren, Cristina Civetta

    Cristina Civetta, Hedi Frejani

    Hedi Frejani