Suit Up!

by CARSON GRIFFITH · September 3, 2009

    The weather's been a little chilly here the past few days, and while the beaches are still full of people packing in the last week of summer, the nights have been better suited for a sweater than a swim. But we found the perfect solution if you're looking for a swimsuit for those chillier days and transitional weeks from summer to fall: This "sexy fake fur bikini, worn here by Laetitia Casta, will keep you warm in all those important places while frolicking... well, wherever you deem it necessary to frolick in a fake fur bikini. JRL's bedroom perhaps?...

    It's totally up to you. We'll be sticking to the traditional two-piece and sweatshirt combo, but hey, why not get wild with it? And we know our friends at PETA will certainly applaud the use of fake fur. [Suit Up!]