What does Pink Elephant Make?

by guestofaguest · August 7, 2007

    Sources close to the management indicate that Pink Elephant in the Hamptons makes quite a bundle of cash in the 12 short weeks it runs a year.



    Friday Night = $45,000

    Saturday Night = $90,000

    Weeks = 12

    Total Revenue = 12 x ($45,000 + $90,000) = $1,620,000*

    That is a pretty hefty take. Its unclear exactly what profits are, but most entertainment accountants would estimate their costs (alcohol, promotion, salaries, rent) to be roughly $600,000-750,000, making the profit well north of $500,000.

    These numbers must make David Cabo and Shawn Kolodny pretty happy. We can only guess how much Dune is losing this summer...

    *Not including Memorial Day and Labor Day Sunday