Get To The Hamptons In A Quarter Of The Time And Double The Style

by Anna Lombardi · May 9, 2011

    Hopefully the most complicated part of your Hamptons weekend is timing your city exit accordingly. More often than not those fifteen minutes spent throwing clothes into a bag leave you on a 3 hour conga line down 27. Looking for a way to travel that's less congested than the Hampton Jitney, more comfortable than the train and will get you to your Hampton's destination faster than both? Take a hint from Kim Kardashian and fly high in a helicopter! [Photo via]

    Think about it, you can be out of Manhattan and into the Hampton's in less than an hour! Flights take off from anywhere with a heliport in New York City and can fly you to any available heliport in the Hamptons (or the Jersey Shore, Connecticut and Upstate New York for that matter). [BlueStarJets]


    @HamptonsBorn tweets: Hamptons Request:Put Mr.M's forgotten blackberry on chopper to city even though I can put it on Jitney and it will arrive 2hrs later for $40