When Times Are Tough, Go To Pink With Sacco, Le 55 And LiLo

by SARAH MANDATO · August 18, 2009

    Delfina Figueras, Amy SaccoSaturday's Beach Blanket Bungalow at Pink Southampton was apparently a misery loves company meeting spot. Amy Sacco was looking for ideas for her quickly dwindling reality show. Daniel Koch was there checking out the competition. His Day & Night Brunch party has had to battle one of the rainiest summers in recent history coupled with it's location's bankruptcy. And then there's LiLo. Broken up, back together; Dadio knee deep in a totally weird bromance. Drunk. Sober. We can barely keep track.

    Housewife Ramona also stopped in. She doesn't seem too down, but that skin cream seems like a mistake waiting to happen. No one wants to buy moisturizer from crazy. All these characters and more gathered at Dune to maybe find inspiration, or maybe just take a load off. Either way, we're sure their finances could use a little pick me up. Whose couldn't? It's nice that they aren't letting this get in the way of the party schedule. All work and no play makes Amy, Derek and LiLo a sad group. Beyond normal failed idea, bankrupt, love life sad. Like, really sad.

    David Prutting, Daniel Koch David X Prutting, Daniel Koch

    Steven Klein, Lindsay Lohan Steven Klein, Lindsay Lohan

    Mario Singer, Ramona SingerNacho Figueras, Amy Sacco, Richard Johnson Mario Singer, Ramona Singer, Nacho Figueras, Amy Sacco, Richard Johnson

    Liam McMullan, Aesha Waks Bret Kropp Liam McMullan, Aesha Waks, Bret Kropp

    Britten Heft, David Prutting James Collins, Adam Senn Britten Heft, David Prutting, James Collins, Adam Senn

    J.T. White, Jackie Bao, Kendra Seay, Carson Griffith, Ryland Hilbert, Millicent Brown J.T. White, Jackie Bao, Kendra Seay, Carson Griffith, Ryland Hilbert, Millicent Brown

    Carolyn Kushner, Ariel Moses Carolyn Kushner, Ariel Moses

    [All photos by ADRIEL REBOH for PMc]