Where Everybody Knows Your Name: The Surf Lodge, Montauk

by KENDRA SEAY · May 20, 2008

    Surf Lodge MontaukFROM hamptons.guestofaguest.com: A GofG pal and I frequently talk about how we enjoy Amagansett and Montauk so much because their beaches remain the least touched by Manhattan glamour. When I beach, I do it casually, so maybe I"m really still a Hamptons girl, but I like the peace and laid back vibes that you can only find in Montauk. Now there"s a new kid on the block where everyone can enjoy the cool energy for a long weekend, mid-week retreat or just a cocktail on the water.

    Rob McKinley (he"s designed it as well), Steven Kamali, Jamie Mulholland, Jayma Cardosa and Steve Kasuba have created the hippest new hangout in the Hamptons - The Surf Lodge. They are the grand Manhattan kings and queen of Goldbar and Cain - they"ve successfully had spots in the Hamptons and currently have the hottest beach spot on Paradise Island in the Bahamas at their Cain at the Cove. Cain at the Cove is like a lush beach/pool/club playground and I expect the Surf Lodge will be a great addition to the family. More>>