While we wait...

by guestofaguest · May 23, 2007


    Yup…it’s only Wednesday kids, and besides the record setting real estate dealings in Hamptons news today, there is not much going on to help make time go any faster. We still have two more days until our summer officially kicks into gear. In the meantime, we will be reminiscing about summers spent laying on sandy beaches, loster bisque, drinking rosé on yachts in shelter island, and discussing our favorite patterns from Vilebrequin. In addition, we can not bring up “hamptons memories” without mention of the countless nights early mornings spent in the garden of the Old Tavern, the best scene the Hamptons has seen in years. That is why, on this cheery Wednesday afternoon in the city, a rush of excitement came in the form of an invite. invite.jpgWhile we’ve know about the 10th annual Hamptons Magazine Summer Kick-Off going on tonight in Manhattan at The Summer Pavillion on 27th, we hadn’t paid enough attention to the “launch committee” until today. The usual “players” are on it (Jayma Cardos, Eugene Remm, Rich Thomas, Dave Sherman, Remi Laba, Randy Scott, etc.) Those who, come Friday will switch from being comrades working together in an effort to kick off the summer Hamptons theme, to rivals vying for your vote in their competing night life arenas. But, low and behold, right on that list of the Hamptons Launch Committee were the two names we’ve been dying to see: Erikk and Gordon Von Broock. They brought us our Old Tavern back in the summers of yore, and seeing them on our humble little invitation means that maybe there IS some hope.

    Will they be able to transform our nights back to the ones in which we come away with stories to brag about and memories that will carry us on through our later years? Is the new stereo crew capable of filling such big shoes? Only time will tell. Until then, we will have our memories, and our new Vilebrequins waiting.