You Should Know: Ben Watts

by Christie Grimm · August 29, 2016

Somehow, some way, Ben Watts manages to make Montauk look even groovier than it is in real life. Just flip through his book Montauk Dreaming and prepare to feel suddenly not cool enough for The End. But then again, it's probably just Watts. After all, it's not as if he's lacking in the cool department - famous, in-demand photographer, host of Shark Attack Sounds, maker of his own rosé, brother of one, maybe you've heard of her, Naomi

Name: Ben Watts
Occupation: Photographer
Place of Birth: London
Instagram / Twitter: @wattsupphoto
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

What do you actually do? I don't do anything because I love my job so I'm on holiday every day.

My motto is: Word hard because working soft sucks.

5 Favorite Hamptons Places: My house, Navy Beach, Surf Lodge, Crow's Nest and Moby's, basically anywhere that has Watt's Up Rose.

The craziest thing I've done out East is... crazy is normal for me so it doesn't need a second mention. Hang out and you'll find out.

Best kept Hamptons secret? #Shhhhh

If you had one day left out East, what would you do? Shave all my body hair off and attend a town meeting.

Who should we know? It's important to know your neighbors and have a good relationship so they don't mess with you.