You Should Know: Bethany Mayer

by Christie Grimm · August 29, 2016

Bethany Mayer is bazaar to say the least - see what we did there? A fashionable force out East, her two shops serve all your beachy lifestyle needs. Just a casual Montauk lady, she knows all the makings for a great summer weekend sojourn.

Name: Bethany Mayer
Retailer / Designer / Mom
Place of Birth: 
Traverse City, Michigan
Instagram / Twitter: @SurfBazaar
Zodiac Sign: Double Scorpio!

What do you actually do? I own 2 stores out east, Surf Bazaar in Montauk @The Surf Lodge (6 Years) and Botanic Bazaar in Amagansett Square (Opened Memorial Day of this year).

My motto is: Basically it's “Think outside the box so you can have it all”… My entire career in fashion shifted to the beach & wellness because that is the life I lead, so everything in my career is in sync with my passions in life: surf, sea, wellness, naturalism, family, travel.

5 Favorite Hamptons Places: By our Montauk house (End of The Road) for Surfing. The Dock for Tuna Melts. The Surf Lodge Wednesday nights for cocktails and music. Balsam Farm’s farmstand in Amagansett. Fresh Pond Beach for bonfires and kids beach day.

The craziest thing I've done out East is... There was a time in my early 20’s when we all partied in Montauk, (Liars-The Point-Memory-Lakeside (Now the Surf Lodge)), and the shark on the wall in Liars ended up wearing my bikini top… That was so long ago, and have nothing crazy to report since then!

Best kept Hamptons secret? Our beaches, unlike any other. And I have been to a bunch.

If you had one day left out East, what would you do? Walk from Amagansett to the lighthouse via the beach, take a surf, then go to the dock for a tuna melt, and finish for a sunset cocktail at Montauket.

Who should we know? My Husband, Rogan Gregory. Best person I know, and the most creative talent there is. Totally inspiring person to be around.