You Should Know: Brendan Fallis

by Christie Grimm · August 29, 2016

Chances are you know Brendan from his heavily documented Instagram existence. One which suggests little evidence of a life not spent at the gym, DJing parties, posing at the beach, or in some insanely acrobatically compromising situation with fiancee Hannah Bronfman. But there is in fact more to know. Example: he's Canadian. Who knew?

Name: Brendan Fallis
Occupation: DJ/Entrepreneur
Place of Birth: Mount Forest, Canada
Instagram / Twitter: @brendanfallis
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

What do you actually do? I predominately DJ but also founded a talent management business called PRE.VEYOR. Have a few other fires brewing but nothing I can talk about yet.

My motto is: Turn every negative into a positive.

5 Favorite Hamptons Places: Round Swamp Farm, Ditch Plains Trailer Park for Surfing, Loaves and Fishes, SoulCycle Bridgehampton, Crow’s Nest

The craziest thing I've done out East is… DJ at Jerry Seinfeld’s house. Check that one off the life list!

Best kept Hamptons secret? The Fish Farm Amagansett. Can’t beat it.

If you had one day left out East, what would you do? Spend the day in the ocean swimming and surfing and watch the sunset on the beach.

Who should we know? That depends what you’re looking to do…..