You Should Know: Danny DiMauro

by Christie Grimm · August 29, 2016

Co-creator of the all too cool Saturday's Magazine, namesake of one disgustingly delicious vanilla soy shake at Naturally Good Foods, out and about scene staple and full time Montauk-er, there is no real telling who Danny DiMauro is. Only such an exotic bird as he can speak for himself. 

Name: Danny DiMauro
Occupation: Consultant, Editor / Co Creator of Saturday’s Magazine
Place of birth: The Garden State, NJ
Instagram: @Tannytomorrow
Zodiac Sign: Pisces, Sagittarius Rising, Leo Moon

What do you actually do? I like to be where my feet are and live life in day tight compartments, doing whats in front of me, rarely thinking of yesterday and never forecasting the future.

My motto is: Don’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. After the mile is finished and they still seem like an A-hole, you are now a mile away from them and you’ve taken their shoes.

5 favorite Hampton’s places: I really don’t leave Montauk when I am here, (is Montauk the Hampton’s now?) Don’t answer that. I like to frequent Naturally Good where my signature drink resides “The Tan Dan.” The drink actually contains melanin that supports a deeper tan for white girls who burn easily in the sun. I also like Jim Goldberg’s surfboard ding repair, he will fix your board, over charge you and insult you, but you will leave feeling right sized. I highly recommend this experience for some of the more entitled folks coming to Montauk, it's better than therapy. I like the beach bar at Crow's Nest for sunset, the food is excellent and the view is amazing. There is a new place that opened in Montauk called Hoodoos, It’s where the old Naturally Good used to be. They have the best grass fed burger I have ever had, and outside seating. I also still love the Surf Lodge, where else can you watch the sunset and hear music of that caliber with no cover charge ?

The craziest thing I’ve done out east is… Not really suitable for print, and I doubt Rogan Gregory will tell you, but someone did mistake him for Terry Richardson that night, which was pretty funny. I went surfing during that super moon last August at 3 AM with Timothee’ Verrecchia and Thaddeus O’neil, that was pretty fun.

The best kept Hamptons secret: It’s actually “The Secret,” watch it on Netflix. If I want bagels from Breadzilla before they run out on a Sunday morning, I just manifest that shit. I sit, close my eyes and raise my vibration, and think bagels over and over and they appear. Oh, I forgot the shmear, repeat the process, boom cream cheese appears. Think it, and it shall be.

If I had one day left out east what would I do? I would do what I do, which is what I do everyday. I just do it. You know what I mean?

Who should we know? My friends Roii and GiGi Artzy two brothers in a band called Tiger Love who are coming out with new music that sounds incredible.