You Should Know: Jesse James Joeckel

by Christie Grimm · August 29, 2016

If you print it, they will come. And come they have as Jesse James Joeckel's Whalebone tees, sweatshirts, hats and more have fashioned themselves into the summer must-have for any well-appointed weekender in the know. 

Name: Jesse James Joeckel
Occupation: Founder / Designer of Whalebone
Place of Birth: A hospital on Long Island
Instagram / Twitter: @whalebonecreative / Not a tweeter
Zodiac Sign: Crab

What do you actually do? I created my own sweatshop in Montauk and spend countless hours hand printing tee shirts in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes I surf... sometimes.

My motto is: Loose lips sink ships.

5 Favorite Hamptons Places: Ditch, The Dock Restaurant, Turtles Cove, my original store at 65 Tuthill Rd that overlooks Fort Pond Bay, and Liars Saloon.

The craziest thing I've done out East is... Survived 7 seasons owning and running a retail store in this wild town... crazy I know.

Best kept Hamptons secret? The winter.

If you had one day left out East, what would you do? I'd drive down to the beach with a large cooler filled with refreshing beverages, all my friends would be down there and the waves would be a foot or two over head and clean. I'd surf for a few hours, have a few beverages, and surf for a few more hours. We'd pack up and head down to the boat to catch dinner, maybe get a few dozen clams and have a backyard cookout while watching the sunset with family and more friends.

Who should we know? My dad, he was Timmy on Lassie ;)