You Should Know: Lizzie Tisch

by Christie Grimm · August 29, 2016

If there should be one word most apt to describe the full force being that is Lizzie Tisch, we'd reckon it'd have to be colorful. Bouncy blonde tresses, pops of color, and a moth-like draw to all things glitzy and bright, she's turned her critically acclaimed best dressed style into a profession with Suite 1521. A haven for all luxury sartorialists in search of a new find.

Name: Lizzie Tisch
Occupation: Co-Founder, Suite 1521
Place of Birth: NYC
Instagram / Snapchat: @TizzieLisch
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

What do you actually do? Try to make the world dress better...

My motto is: Beg for forgiveness, don't ask permission... (don't tell my 13 year old).

5 Favorite Hamptons Places:
Our house - we love to entertain at home
Round Swamp Farm
The Crow's Nest in Montauk
Nick & Toni's
Fairview Farm at Mecox

The craziest thing I've done out East is.. I am keeping that to myself!

Best kept Hamptons secret?Come back to NYC the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, so you have a quiet day of re-entry!!

If you had one day left out East, what would you do? Spend the day with family & friends eating from the Rolling in Dough pizza truck!!

Who should we know? My husband, Jon Tisch.