Clothes Make The PR Hot Shot

by GofG Public · September 2, 2009

    [Peggy Siegal. Picture by Rob Rich] Apparently being a public relations magnate isn't good enough for Peggy Siegal. She also has to be quite style savvy as well. At the Hampton Classic Horse Show this past Sunday the PR guru showed off that she's definitely mastered her fashion skills by sporting this eclectically cool look that any girl would love to be donning - including us. The vertically striped and neutrally colored sheath was gathered in at the waist with a beige belt and topped with over-sized gold necklaces. What really makes her stand-out though, are her unexpected, funky bright blue plastic wayfarers. Whether they're designer or bought straight from the streets of a Soho street-stand we'll never know the difference, but they top the look perfectly...

    And while we'd prefer the dress in a shorter length, Peggy keeps it perfectly lady-like in an above the knee cut. If there's a horse-show equivalent to golf claps, we'd like to hand them out now.