Do We Like: Thom Browne for Black Sheep

by Joseph Russell · June 24, 2008

    Brooks Brothers black sheep collectionbrooks brothers black sheep collectionbrooks brothers black sheep line

    My jury's still out on Thom Browne's regular stuff; while I'm feeling the narrow cuts and the evident quality, I'm less keen not on the high-water trousers. Established, somewhat stuffy brands hiring of-the-moment designers to drum up edge and sartorial cred is nothing new, and I actually love the concept and the name of Brooks Brothers' Black Sheep line, and I think that, overall, hiring the CDFA and Savile Row darling was a smart move.

    His fall 07 collection was terrific, even the tweed knickers. Especially the tweed knickers. My problem, I guess, is this: if you're going to jump on the playful-Americana bandwagon, don't do it with patchwork seersucker. Ever. Or am I wrong? Either way, I do dig the oxford tuxedo shorts and red enamel blazer buttons.

    [Images via Luxist]