Hamptons Cliché Of The Week: Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses

by Joseph Russell · August 4, 2008

    tom ford whitney sunglassestom ford for gucci

    I know these Tom Ford sunnies, with their cut-outs  and sinewy frames, are not exclusive to the Hamptons. Angelanos love 'em with almost equal fervor, and I've even spotted a few shielding the sun-creased eyes of my hometown's tennis mommies. A quick glance over the glasses reveals the reason for their popularity among the wannabee Brahmins: like Hermès bags and Louboutin stilettos, the glasses are distinctive without being flashy.

    Whereas the wearer of the rhinestone-encrusted Chanel sunglasses needs the whole world to recognize her wealth, the Tom Ford girls only care about the top 1%. I say kudos to the studly designer for hooking the social and silver screened elite while cutting corners on lense cost!

    [Image via Fashionably Obsessed]