Interview: Bebe CEO And Founder Manny Mashouf Dishes On The Brand's Upcoming Changes

by Natalie Decleve · September 13, 2012

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    When you think of the brand Bebe, “classic” and “upscale” are probably not words that come to mind. But for those of us who remember the Bebe of the 90’s, that was not always the case. This season, changing winds at Bebe are attempting to shift this perception back to what they consider their more “sophisticated roots."

    The recent S/S 2013 presentation, which took place at the clean and modern Bortolami Gallery, certainly went a long way toward achieving this goal. Backstage, I met with the brand’s CEO and Founder, Manny Mashouf to find out the real story behind the change. Check out what he had to say...

    Why show in a gallery this season rather than a runway?

    To show new direction of company. We’re really taking the brand back to the elevated sophistication that it was in the 90’s. Over the last 6 or 7 years things had changed and we had gotten away from that. Now we are going back to the DNA of the brand, and we’re back with a vengeance!

    What are you doing differently and how are you changing?

    Sleeker silhouettes, more sophisticated designs – we want to make very classic, timeless pieces.

    [Manny Mashouf]

    Who's the ultimate Bebe girl?

    You know, I think age is irrelevant now. There is no one Bebe girl or woman. Our clients range from 18 to 60. But what they have in common is a certain sense of style; they want to look desirable and modern.

    Who would you like to see wearing the brand?

    You! Really, I just want to make women beautiful and enhance their natural beauty.

    What was the inspiration for the collection this season?

    We just wanted to make timeless, ageless, everyday clothing that you could really wear all year round. Sophisticated. Modern. It’s the soul of the brand, but still with a bit of signature sexuality.