Manhattan-Come-Hamptonite Scene Shakers Get Unruly In Parking Lot

by Test EventManager · May 27, 2008

    [Miguelina Gambaccini and Carrie Cloud eating mister softee at Blue & Cream, East Hampton]

    Maybe there wasn’t a cake to put 5 candles in, but there was certainly Ice Cream – and lots of it. This was a Season Opener Memorial Day Kick-Off party of a different kind. On Saturday evening, a wicker basket full of Manhattan’s most fun, stylish and well heeled (just ask Annabel Vartanian about her Costume National 9 story high heels), gentry headed out to the parking lot of Blue & Cream in East Hampton to celebrate their 5th Season with an Unruly Heir Trunk Show.

    Sponsored by Svedka Vodka and a Mister Softee Truck (not kidding), guests dined on soft serve cones with sprinkles and vodka cocktails, as they shopped for unique finds form Unruly Heir and other brands. The most popular attraction of the night was the newly debuted TIMO! Wallets for Unruly Heir. By the time the ice cream melted and the parking lot died down, no wallets were left. A successful sell out!

    I love Blue & Cream and I felt the party was a nod to the days of yesteryear when we actually admitted that we DO have fun hanging in parking lots. I was happy to trade in my mini-crabcake passed hors d’ouvres for some cheeky soft serve. For the polished and coiffed Hamptons, this party was where I could relax. A lot of this of course is in thanks to celebrated “garmento” Jeffrey Goldstein (at least that’s what Charlotte Ronson called him). He was definitely onto SOMETHING when he brought his unique and eclectic store Blue & Cream to East Hampton. The store is packed with super cool duds and accessories form very now designers, but maintains all the pedigree and conditioning of a ‘Mom and Pop’ shop – I pray Jeffrey never takes Blue & Cream to sell out over wrought big gun status (like some of his other East Hampton neighbors). For example, I noticed you can’t walk more than 10 feet down EH’s Main Street without bumping into some form of a Ralph Lauren Store (Polo, RRL, Rugby, Children’s store – what’s next, HOME??). I love Ralph, but when is too much just TOO much. The same question can be asked of Calypso. I digress. To the kids of the parking lot on Saturday evening, you know who you are, and thanks for keeping it real.

    If you don’t know to whom I’m referring, here’s the list of lot crashers: Kristian Laliberte, Annabel Dexter Jones, Annabel Vartanian, Mister Softee, Stephanie Wei, Dennis Wong, Melissa Berkelhammer, Antonia Thompson, Morten Davidsen, Jared Clark, Claire Willett, Joey Goodwin, Jeffrey Goldstein, Miguelina Gambaccini's, Carrie Cloud, Shaggy, etc………

    Stay tuned for more photos!