The Hamptons Are Alive With The Sound Of Bicycle Bells

by Joseph Russell · July 2, 2008

    luigi tadini on bike[Luigi Tadini riding around Montauk]

    I don't know if you've noticed, but retro-inspired two-wheelers are getting to be as common round these parts as Rovers and Intermix "beachwear." Most of them are found around the town centers of South, East, and Bridgehampton, the better to be admired, but I've spotted more than a few along 27, and a slew of them up at Surf Lodge in Montauk (but of course).

    My own is a buttercup yellow Trek Navigator, with a really pretty russet leather seat and handles, but it's missing the quintessential straw basket. Rotations, has plenty of throwback beauties (the metallic ones, however, are to be avoided at all costs), but no baskets.

    luigi tadiniWhen my father went to Sweden a few years ago, he bought my stepmother the most gorgeous forest green bicycle with no gears and a woven basket, and I saw scads of produce-stuffed models in Paris, but we shouldn't have to rely on Europe to fulfill our farmstand fantasies.

    Yesterday, I did see one woman with both bike and basket, and though hers was white and I prefer natural, it was at least a start. Oh chic(ish) cycler where didst thou find thy steed?