"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Fashion Disasters Of The 2011 Teen Choice Awards

by Alex Gilman · August 8, 2011

You're never too young to start looking ridiculous in public. I imagine this is the central theme of the 2011 Teen Choice Awards given the fact that teenagers, since the beginning of time, have fought tooth-and-nail for their right to wear horrifyingly stupid clothing, from the two foot brylcreem pompadours of the 1950's, to the JNCO jeans and chain wallets of my own pathetic generation, to whatever in God's name these awful kids today think is cool. The specifics may change, but bad teenage fashion isn't going anywhere.

Luckily, a night exists where celebrities of all ages remind our precious, precious young people that we can totally relate to them, as long as they keep buying things. Let's take a look at how some of our "favorite" stars dressed to unimpress last night. [All photos via and via]