"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" A Farewell To Balls (& Underground Rebel Bingo)

by Alex Gilman · May 16, 2011

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We don't like to admit it, but sometimes people leave this wonderful city we have here. Their reasons are always varied: maybe they're moving to D.C. to teach Spanish at a boys boarding school. Maybe their significant other got sick of the West Coast and decided that they were going to live out their natural lives in suburban Connecticut. Or maybe they accidentally stepped on Snoop Dogg's sneakers in a movie line and were given 24 hours to leave town forever. Luckily for us, even though Underground Rebel Bingo Club is saying "Bye Bye to L.A.", they're not being hounded by a fiancee or hunted by an army of Crips- they're just headed to the U.K. for the summer, and they've promised they'll be back.

You only leave this great city of dreams if you have a new dream, and according to the website, our rebellious, bingo-loving friends are going back across the pond to participate in the always exciting U.K. summer music festival lineup. While they'll be sorely missed, even temporarily, a quick look back at the good old times reminds us of just how much badass fun they've given us over the year. And with a high standard already set, there was no way they were going to leave us high and dry at the big farewell Friday night at the Key Club:

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Just remember: it's not a party until a crowd of strangers is caressing your inner thighs. When Rebel Bingo gets back to town, they'll explain the rest.