"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Aussie Assimilation At DDP's Boomerang Party

by Emily Green · August 12, 2010

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Since their "shrimp on the barbie"-filled Summer Solstice party in June, L.A.'s Aussies came together once again over the weekend at Deep Downunder Productions' BOOMerang Hollywood Hills Gathering pool party. Lasting a whopping 13 hours (2pm-3am), these transplants from the land of plenty proved once more they can keep up with the most hardcore of the city's partiers.  Evidently, the assimilation process has been pretty seamless for them, and we could even learn a thing or two on how to do a blow out right from our downunder brethren.

They spice it up with some hula hooping AND long, curly mullets. When was the last time you saw either of those at a party?

Looks like they got the psychedelic lights and rave thing down pat. And they even threw some bongos into the mix.

Only people who know what's up in this town wear graphic T's advertising their penchant for drugs across their chest.

They even know the most appropriate places to host their parties, as this was the exact same Hollywood Hills home where the Seventh Pool Party took place a few weeks ago.

Don't get me wrong, shrimps on the barbie are delicious, but it ain't a real pool party unless you're grilling up hot dogs. And these Aussies showed they could really get down with some dogs.

It's not a proper blowout without plastic Solo cups. They even knew to get the RED ones!