"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Checking Up On The Kids At Steve Aoki's Deadmeat Tour

by Alex Gilman · January 23, 2012

If all the party-minded teenagers disappeared from your town and/or city over the last 4 days, it's probably because world-famous DJ/producer/Dim Mak label head Steve Aoki just kicked off the "Deadmeat" tour, where Aoki and Datsik will spend the next few months selling out historic theaters and concert arenas around the country. Now, as far as the various ways children rebel, attending the odd electro rave or two isn't as bad as, say, joining the Young Republicans club or something: sure, they're bound to experiment a little bit, but that's going to happen anyway, and at least they're partying under the guidance of a master DJ.

So, with the help of this Cobrasnake gallery from Saturday's show at the Bill Graham Civic in San Francisco, let's take a look at what those crazy kids are up to these days.

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