"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Dressing Down Hollywood-Style For The Weinstein Co. + Audi Awards Season Party At Chateau Marmont

by Alex Gilman · January 12, 2012

If there's a single lesson to be learned from the life and success of Harvey Weinstein, it's probably that it does not always have to be a disadvantage to look like a crazed man who just wandered out of the psych ward at Cedars, provided you play it up right. Yeah, ol' Harv can be a scary fellow, but you've got to admit that the unshaven, haven't-slept-since-1996 look kind of suits the old grizzly bear, who has legendarily used it over the years to intimidate those he seeks to do business with.

And when he throws a party, like  last night's star-studded awards season celebration presented by Audi and The Weinstein Company at Chateau Marmont, the stars wisely followed Harvey's lead and dressed it down a bit. How much? We'll show you.

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