"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Exploring The Future of Fashion At Hang The DJs Dance Party

by Alex Gilman · March 11, 2011

Fashion is a uniquely fast-moving segment of the art world, a domain where trends are fleeting, and the hunt is always on for the next big thing. It is with this in mind that the tastemakers from New York, Paris and Milan have turned their heads towards KGB Gallery, where the Hang The DJs vs Mucho Fashion Show Dance Party last week made bold strides forward for the fashion world at large. Here now, a quick breakdown of some of the best innovation seen, and some educated guesses on where we'll see it popping up next...

The Trend: Mime Chic

The people have spoken, and the verdict is: speaking isn't cool. In fact, quite the opposite, as the night's hottest fashion trend turns out to be dressing, acting, and (not) speaking like a mime. Consequently horizontal stripes are very in, as are suspenders, white face paint, and tug-of-war with invisible ropes. There's speculation that this trend is a political statement addressing the lack of voice that young people have in the corrupt world of modern politics, but when asked about it, the guy on the left seemed to be trapped in some sort of box and was unable to comment.

The Trend: The Bald-Beard

For a long time, the unattached cue ball beard has been the exclusive domain of black dudes (see Hayes, Isaac) who were cool enough to pull it off. But this guy seems to have it down: the look requires a certain boldness that a guy wearing a t-shirt that says "AWESOME" must possess. Side note: what I like the most about this look is that the wearer must make a (relatively) arbitrary decision about where to end the top of the beard/sideburn. Top of the ear? Where the ear connects to the head? WHY IS LOOKING GOOD SO HARD!?!?






The Trend: The Slick Rick

1. Build a Time Machine

2. Travel to 1987.

3. Find Slick Rick. If Slick Rick cannot be located, find Tone Loc.

4. Rob him for his clothing and jewelry.

5. Place a large bet on the Redskins in the Super Bowl.

6. Return to 2011.

7. Attend Hang the DJs vs. Mucho Fashion Dance Party.





The Trend: AquaGoth

For years, the whole "dressing like a dead body" Goth scene has been unfairly dominated by people who look like dead bodies that were buried in coffins: pale white face, black clothing, black nails. I know, I know: boring. But what if someone tried to dress up like a dead body that was thrown in the ocean? Well, we have our answer, and I must say, it's a refreshing change of pace. Everything's more fun when it's under-the-sea theme. Kind of makes me want to go swimming. Anyone?

Trend: The Best Sweater In The World

The Best Sweater In The World doesn't have to answer your questions. It doesn't have to do anything. It does, however, wish it wasn't sitting so close to an American Apparel tank top.

Trend: Ummmmm....

There was some question over whether John Galliano should have been allowed to finish one last outfit for his Dior collection after already being fired. I would say we now have our answer to that question.

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