"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Getting Down With The Legendary Fatlip

by Alex Gilman · June 28, 2011

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Life is largely about expectations. For example, just yesterday, I gave some musicians and actors a hard time for their wardrobe choices at the BET Awards. It's not that I don't like it, per se, when Amber Rose rocks a full-body piece of pantyhose (maybe she thinks it would disguise her famous hindquarters, the way a bank robber would wear it on his face), it's just that I don't think it's necessarily what one should be photographed in at an Awards Show. Case in point: I see absolutely nothing wrong with the kookiness on display in these photos from Hollywood Meets The Trap at Freak City.

And why would I? If, like Freak City, your whole thing is a fun, open space for creativity and experimentation, you can't really show up in a $10,000 gown, can you? That is, unless you really want to. So dig the spontaneity and fun of this party, dig that Fatlip from The Pharcyde was manning the decks, and dig that these people seem to be having a great time, while somewhere across town, Chris Brown was probably throwing a chair at a wall in the green room, and then Tweeting about how hard his life is. Like I said, expectations.