"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Getting Irish At Check Yo' Ponytail 2

by Alex Gilman · March 17, 2011

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Happy St. Patrick's Day, Irish people! I have a secret to confess: I got a head-start to observing the holiday with some Jameson last night. And I wasn't the only one! You see, while we merely tolerate the drunkenness of the Irish for the vast majority of the calendar year, this is the time where we actively appease them, hoping they'll go away until year. But that never works so we must confront the countless examples of people getting into the Irish spirit (read: tanked) before the high holiday itself! Shameful? Absolutely. Worth documenting in photos? Absolutely.

Let's observe this in action at Tuesday night's Check Yo Ponytail 2 with The Death Set and Ninjasonik...

What better way to show your Irish spirit than with green hair? And I promise you, that was exactly this girl's thought process when she dyed it. You can't see it in the photo, but she has a gigantic shamrock tattoo on her lower back. It's a Leprechaun Stamp!

Now here's two fine young gentlemen who are in the appropriate spirit. The guy giving us the finger is jazzed because he's been wearing that jacket since middle school, and Johnny Mustache just got those snappy beads for showing everyone his tits. Life is good!

There's no surer way to convince the skeptics, once and for all, that you do not work at an investment bank than to get an Oregon Football-colored mohawk and a piercing through the part of your nose that itches when you have to sneeze. Looks like mom's going to need a new lie to tell the neighbors!

I honestly have no idea whatsoever how they celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland. It's probably a cotillion and a James Joyce reading, and we just look like gigantic assholes. Oh well. Wouldn't be the first time, right, Cinco de Mayo?