"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Getting Saucy With L.A. Magazine At La Descarga

by Emily Green · September 29, 2010

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Although the La Descarga is known for upholding a standard of decorum, last night's Los Angeles Magazine 'Great Nights Out' party proved you can still spice it up and tantalize, even bend the rules, without depreciating merit or sullying its good name.

Last night, rum, plaid, and Cuban dancers spelled the celebration of the mag's 'Great Nights Out' October issue, with a little fiesta at our favorite hidden rum bar. After getting past the stylish British doorman, guests entered the Cuban-themed spot for a night of L.A.'s version of authentic Havana with caipirinhas, exotic dance, and--gasp--shorts.

A violation of the no shorts policy! This lady gets away with bending the rules of La Descarga's strict dress code, probably because Steve Livigni makes an exception for "nice shorts with heels."

Look how authentic, just like Havana! But they also keep it classy, with 'gentlemen' and 'ladies' instead of the uncouth 'men' and women'.

Wait... Cockfighting?

Nope, just some fine-feathered dancers to spice things up! Homeboy is loving it!

Looks like somebody wants to join in on the sexy number...

How 'bout you?