"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Getting Silly With Vice & Vitaminwater

by Alex Gilman · May 13, 2011

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Not all fun parties are silly, but all silly parties are definitely fun. This timeless rule was proved yet again during Uncapped Live, presented by Vice Magazine and Vitaminwater at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. And while the "silly" that we usually associate with the OC trends more towards McMansions and surfer bros, judging from this party, there's no shortage of the good kind either. Let's illuminate the distinction and brush up on how to be the good "silly"...

The point is, as much as we mock everything and anything at most parties, bars and clubs, the reality is having fun and caring about other people's judgment are often mutually exclusive. So while it's great to get all fancied up and be vain for a night or two, it's equally great to show up to a party like this, not give a fuck and have a blast. But maybe you've been doing the vanity thing so long you don't remember how to be silly? Don't sweat it, we got you covered:

Make Faces

Making faces is always fun, and if you disagree, you were grown and raised in an evil, antiseptic laboratory somewhere. Or maybe your parents told you your face would stick that way and you got scared? That's not actually true, so, you know, don't stress it.

Rock Some Crazy Hair

Sometimes getting silly means sporting a crazy 'stache, headbanging the night away, or challenging the dictionary definition of "hair." Whatever, man. You're not here to get put on the cover on Men's Vogue- this is Vice. Have some fun with it, for God's sake.

Kiss Someone

Preferably with their permission, but hey, it's a party.

Show Your Ass

Once a picture of your ass has been put on the internet, you have nothing left to fear.