"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" How L.A. Live Celebrated The Kings' Stanley Cup Finals Game One Victory

by Alex Gilman · May 31, 2012

Is hockey the greatest of all sports? Based on general popularity you're probably going to say "no", but hear me out. Hockey has all the excitement and hard hitting of football, the athleticism and fluidity of basketball or soccer, and the traditions and respect for history of baseball. Furthermore, it's the only sport that your L.A. team is still kicking ass in, now that the Clippers and Lakers have been unceremoniously dumped from the playoffs and Matt Kemp's injury looks worse than we hoped for. Luckily, hockey people are generally fun-loving and awesome, and will most likely accept you with open arms even if you don't know the difference between the boards and the blue line. For proof of that, check out the wild revelry that went down at L.A. Live last night as your hometown Kings took a 1-0 series lead off a wild overtime goal.

[Instagram photos via @mylalive, @biggiemollsss, @le_cg]