"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" How To Have A Sexy Dinner Party With Silvio Berlusconi

by Alex Gilman · March 23, 2011

If, like me, you're a verbal learner, here's a key phrase from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's ongoing misconduct investigation: "The phrase 'bunga bunga' is said to refer to an after dinner sex game." Well, that clears it up! If, however, you're more of a visual person, you're in luck, because the first set of photos from Berlusconi's infamous bunga bunga parties is emerging on the internet!

And though GofG might not crack your list of go-to sites for international news breakdowns, once erotic party photos become involved, it's a whole new bowl of pasta. So let's do some analysis.

From the revelation that 'bunga bunga' was often the sexy third act of Berlusconi's infamous dinner parties, we already know several things. We know that Silvio is an Aaliyah fan, or, at least, he agrees that age ain't nothin' but a number. We know that he has a deep-seated respect for law enforcement and health care workers, since his strippers dressed like cops and nurses. Most importantly, we also know that in Italy, even noted sex addict Silvio Berlusconi prioritizes dinner over sex games. Italy is a great place.

So, what about the party pics?

The girl in this photo has been identified as Barbara Guerra, a 32-year old "TV showgirl" and aspiring Sheriff's Deputy. But what I'm noticing the most is that the stripper cop outfit is clearly made in the good old US of A. It's nice to know that we're still leading the field in stripper wear, but I can't help but think our days in the lead are numbered. After all, our current "family values" kick in American politics produces milquetoasts and/or deeply secretive, deeply pervy creepers. We're losing ground to the sexually liberated Europeans every day, and if we don't elect some awesome, openly swinging politicians soon, we could lose out forever. David Duchovny for Congress!

These two are Italian weather broadcasters, twin sisters, and accused Berlusconi sex partners. I'll let that all sink in for a moment. My only concern is that, as twins and professionals, they don't seem to be on the same page, weather prediction-wise. Are we dressing for rain or for sun? And if these girls aren't good at their jobs, do we have to do the previously unthinkable and question Silvio's judgment?

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