"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Jonathan "J-Devil" Davis & KoRn Bring Dubstep Insanity To Dim Mak Studios

by Alex Gilman · April 10, 2012

Raise your hands if you guys remember KoRn! Seriously, though, don't sweat it if you don't, especially if you weren't 14 years old in 1998, when Follow The Leader officially got an entire generation of angry white people hooked on "nu-metal," or as it's alternately known, "heavy metal combined with hip-hop without talent." But 15 years later, kids don't really get down with the Staind and the Papa Roach like they used to, so what's Jonathan "J-Devil" Davis to do? Well, kids love dubstep, so why not record a dubstep album and have a listening party at Dim Mak Studios? [photo via]