"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Keeping It Sordid With Mickey Avalon

by Alex Gilman · May 19, 2011

Mickey Avalon—so that guy's still doing his thing, huh? According to The Cobra Snake, that is, who recently captured Mickey playing The Roxy. Luckily, for those of you concerned that Mickey isn't making enough income to put whatever it is he puts into or onto his body, the show was packed, with loyal devotees eagerly awaiting a full evening of penis-themed chanting.

Is he drinking unfiltered sake? Horse milk? Something even grosser?

I guess I probably don't sound stupendously excited about all of this, but Mickey Avalon kind of strikes me as the male Ke$ha, which I can't in good conscience really say as a compliment. I'll give him a little more credit than that- he seems to have had a pretty gnarly upbringing, which is to say he comes by his wildness more honestly than a bored valley girl. As far as sex rap goes, he's standing on the shoulders of giants. But I'll say this- the man can most certainly rock a crowd:

"White people drive like this... but heavily tattooed Jewish male prostitutes drive like this."

Mickey may be the only guy in the world rocking the Green Hornet roleplay.

If Iggy Pop rapped about penises.

Now, Mickey washes the grime of a long sordid night off of him, and prepares to face his dayjob as an IT guy for a Century City law firm.

[all photos via The Cobrasnake]