"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" L.A. Does Prom Night At Kaskade

by Emily Green · October 12, 2010

The girls who came wasted and got busted Donna Martin-style.

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Saturday night, world famous DJ Kaskade came to town for a show at the Hollywood Palladium.  As with all electro/techno concerts, it drew a young L.A. crowd hungry for a night of house, but was apparently also yearning for another shot at a high school prom. Keep reading to see how else they relived the most important night of their teenage lives.

The guy who brought his cousin from a different high school as his date and didn't think anyone would know.

The overly PDA couples who carry those soft-focus, frosty beauty shots of each other you get at the mall or Magic Mountain on their key chains.

The girls who steal boyfriends.

The reigning Prom Queens.

A messy love triangle.

The volleyball team who went as a group and let their cute manager tag along.

The couple saving themselves for marriage.

Remember the "Cool Asians" from Mean Girls...?

The couples that do everything together and only hang out with other couples.

The guy whose ultimate ambition before high school ended was to prove he's "big pimpin'" by rolling with "mad bitches".

The girl who always talked about her wayyy older boyfriend that everyone thought was imaginary until she brought him to prom.

The crew that decided to just go together as a big group, no dates.