"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" L.A.'s Party Superheroes Convene At Freak City

by Alex Gilman · March 1, 2011

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If you casually wandered into Freak City for the Hardcore Girls VideoScreening/Rye Rye party, you might not have realized that you were actually stepping into the middle of a massive gathering of the unique individuals who keep our fair city safe on a daily basis. Of course, I'm not talking about cops; I'm talking about superheroes. Here's a field guide to L.A.'s bravest party heroes, in case you're ever in need...

Captain Ryemerica

Often known simply as Rye Rye, this dynamic performer can quickly spring into action when the party is threatened by any external source, from anti-American extremists to Fire Marshals to a dead keg. Possessed of the strength of 10 normal MCs, Captain Ryemerica and her faithful sidekick, Hipster-Supersonics-Ray-Allen-Jersey-Boy, are here to save the party.

The Fabulous Gender-Bender

A consummate master of disguise, The Fabulous Gender-Bender is an infiltration expert able to charm his/her way past even the most discerning doorman and access completely exclusive locales, like the bank vault at Sotheby's or Graydon Carter's underwear drawer. Once a super-criminal, few people realize that TFGB actually committed every crime Lindsay Lohan has ever been accused of.

Sailor Jheri

When a freak lightning storm accident at the Compton Swap Meet left him with the powers of Eazy-E's Jheri Curl, Sailor Jheri hit the clubs to fight for truth, justice, and safe sex education. Armed with the second greatest Jheri Curl in history (behind Eriq LaSalle in Coming To America), Sailor Jheri will not rest until every bar in Los Angeles is fully stocked on Tanqueray and juice.