"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Mad Decent Learns To Pose With The GofG L.A. Card

by Zoe Brunn · November 5, 2010

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While Diplo is busy starring in Blackberry commercials and writing weird things on Twitter, his friends in L.A. are out throwing insane parties, and we expect nothing less from the Mad Decent Crew. The record label left their hometown of Philadelphia and settled down in Los Angeles this past summer, and they finally chose Little Temple in Hollywood as their newest location for their Blow Your Head party.

Wednesday night, they broke in the spot with great DJs, a rowdy crowd, and banging sets. All the DJs kept everyone up and dancing, including veteran DJ Paul Devro, who you might have seen killing it on stage at the Mad Decent Block Party in August, J-Wow (NOT from Jersey Shore), South Rakkas Crew, Total Freedom and many more. While guests enjoyed the amazing music and upbeat atmosphere, they also enjoyed posing for our cameras with the Guest Of A Guest L.A. card.

This dude's really selling it, but this girl's making us worried. Let's dial down the drama.

The classic "I'm super psyched" pose.

Cool, but maybe you should let your friend know this isn't a horror movie audition...

No need to be nervous dude, you blend in with the wall anyway.