"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Mad Libs At Diesel's Mad Decent Pre-Party

by Emily Green · August 16, 2010

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The Diesel store on Melrose got a head start on festivities Friday afternoon in honor of Saturday's Mad Decent Block Party.  Their pre-party bash brought guests to their West Hollywood flagship for some drinks, music by NGUZUNGUZU and Total Freedom, and word games where guests participated in an interactive Mad Libs marathon...

The scent of a _____ always reminded him of his favorite time he escaped the _____.

Because (the) ______   _______ had been the one he could always count on.

When he finally reached ______ he decided he was going to turn things around.

His first step would be to stop using ______ as an excuse when he didn't have answers.

"_____," called out a man who noticed him walking down the street. "You forgot your ____!"

He had almost left in the _______  without it because he was so lost in his own ______.

"Thanks!" he replied to the man, as he wondered how he could ______ so ______.