"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Maximizing The Party At Ledisko + Drai's Moonlight Swim With YACHT

by Alex Gilman · August 3, 2012

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There's really no way around it; L.A.'s late-night liquor and bar laws are a bit of a bummer. Sure, 2 a.m. is way past any reasonable person's bedtime, but it still kind of stings that at one in the morning, when our holier-than-thou brethren in New York, Miami, Chicago and elsewhere are still getting ready to go out, we're often calling cabs and packing it in. Some might say that the solution is to start our parties earlier, but I disagree. The solution is to pack way, way more fun into the shorter time available to us. And for that reason, I salute Drai's, Ledisko, and everyone behind last night's Moonlight Swim party featuring YACHT. You guys seriously fit a whole lot of party into just a few hours.