"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Mr. Brainwash & Foster The People Celebrate Creativity At Thrash Lab "Rituals" Screening In Hollywood

by Alex Gilman · May 23, 2012

How do internet filmmakers separate themselves from the pack? Seriously, though. In an age where a 15-year old ADHD kid's iMovie tribute to Justin Bieber could potentially get more YouTube hits than Errol Morris, what's the secret to showcasing great new original content? Well, if you're multimedia artist Matt Smiley and you're associated with Thrash Lab, the self-described "ultimate destination for rich visuals, narrative entertainment and high end cultural content," you make a top secret documentary piece about so-hot-right-now band Foster The People and local graffiti mascot Mr. Brainwash and screen it at the brand-new AV Nightclub in Hollywood. Take that, Beliebers.

[all photos via The Cobrasnake]